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Team Treasure Hunt

Team Treasure Hunt at Trada, 32Red & Videoslots Casino
An Interactive Game Streamed Live from Twitch and YouTube.

How It Works
1. Once you’ve entered you will be assigned into a team made up of 5 players.
2. Each session I will play a nominated slot for all teams for a slot bonus round.
3. The first team to get to 2,500 points will win a spin on the Jackpot Treasure Wheel. 1 x stake on a slot bonus = 1 point.

How to Enter
Use our online entry form.

Split or Steal
When entering you need to decide whether you want to split or steal the treasure.
If just ONE of your team members decides to steal then the wheel will be spun and one random player will walk away with the treasure!
If all your team members agree to Split, then the treasure is shared equally amongst your team.

Jackpot Treasure Wheel Prizes
The Jackpot Treasure Wheel is activated once a team reaches 2,500 points.
The Wheel contains: £500 Feature Buy, £250 Feature Buy, 1,000 LIVE FREE Spins or 500 LIVE FREE Spins.
There is also £500 in cash for the winning team, £250 for 2nd place and £250 for 3rd place!

The Rules 

You must be 18+ and have an active Videoslots, 32Red or Trada Casino account with a cash deposit made within 30 days of joining the game.
Once you’ve been assigned to a team you cannot change. Strictly 1 entry per person.
You do not need to re-enter until a team has won, all teams will be dissolved at this point and the game will end.

Terms and Conditions

  1. 18+ Only. You must be an active player at either 32Red, Trada or Videoslots Casino, having made a cash deposit within the last 30 days.
  2. Strictly ONE entry per person only. Entries are only accepted on the dedicated Casinomeister Forum and
  3. If ALL members of your team decide to SPLIT then the Jackpot Treasure Prize outcome will be shared equally. If just ONE of your team decides to STEAL then the Jackpot Treasure Prize will be awarded randomly to ONE of your team mates, decided randomly by a live player wheel spin.
  4. All Jackpot Treasure Wheel prizes are to be played out by myself on live stream, with the outcome awarded in cash to the winning team or player.
  5. Point calculation is as follows. One Point = 1 x stake won from a nominated bonus. 2,500 points is required to activate the Jackpot Treasure Wheel. Only the first team to score 2,500 points will be awarded a Jackpot Treasure Wheel Spin.
  6. Eligible Teams are added to a selection wheel each session, I will endeavour to ensure all teams will play, in the interests of fairness.
  7. A maximum of 20 teams can play in a Team Treasure Hunt. Once this limit has been reached entries will close and no more can be accepted.

Team Treasure Hunt Names
Teams are made up of 5 players, you will be assigned the next available place.
Once all 20 teams are filled then no more entries will be accepted.
1. Meister Monsters
2. Devil Wears Trada
3. Big Time Gold
4. The Lucky Leprechauns
5. Slice of Pie
6. High Five
7. Cheeky Hunts
8. The Elks
9. Immortal Bromance
10. Where’s My D?
11. Look Who’s Peking
12. Book of Fred
13. Warped Fruit
14. Video Slotters
15. 32Red Bandits
16. The Reel Kings
17. Cold Up North
18. Warm Down South
19. The Jackpoteers
20. Winged Monkeys